Pregnancy: Week 24

The swollen ankles! I have had a very easy pregnancy but the swelling in my feet and ankles is insane. Youch. I don’t really have anything to report this week. I went to an all-day biz meeting I had to train to and back which left me totally exhausted. I have two trips left, and then done with traveling which I’m so excited for.

I belong to an online community of people with similar due dates and three people in the group have gone into early labor which had made me very anxious. I have no reason to think that will happen to me, but neither did they…I can feel the baby move more often which is soothing for my anxiety. Still waiting for R to feel a kick though (or more like a full belly flop which is what it feels like more than a kick).

Workouts have been fine though I’m a little concerned about my weight gain. Almost more concerned just because it’s sort of traumatic to see my weight go up though rationally I understand that it needs to.

Goals for the weekend include:

  • Getting in baby practice with a friend’s newborn!
  • Making soup (butternut squash, red lentil, coconut milk)
  • Watching hocus pocus
  • Going on a half-day meditation retreat.
  • Keeping tech sabbath for one of the days.