Taking a tech sabbath

I’ve referenced tech sabbaths before. I refer to them as periods of time where you don’t meaningfully engage in technology. For them to work for me, my phone has to be off. Not just off, butI must have prepared myschedule in such a way that I know I won’t need my phone again for a while. So, if I have a brunch date on Sunday, I have to know the exact time, place, directions, etc. knowing I’ll be without my phone the day of.

About a minute after turning my phone off, I feel this total-body loosening. Like a rushing, soothing sensation takes over my brain and body.

About five minutes after turning my phone off, I start to get bored. I feel antsy, curious about the news, anxious that someone is trying to contact me.

And then I find a project — re-organizing our entryway closet, Marie Kondo-ing my clothes, reading all my old New Yorkers.

Have you ever taken a tech sabbath? I also love the idea of idea of this Sabbath Manifesto and would love to get my life to a place where I could follow those principles weekly.