Movie Review: Francis Ha

Movie Review #3: Francis Ha


This was a nice movie for a rainy weekend. It covered a woman, Francis Ha, in her post-college years. Frances and her friends are total messes who don’t understand how to “grow up.” In many ways, the movie reminded me of what my post-college years were not like. I know many people who had post-college years like Francis Ha, all of whom were rich and resistant to getting a “real” job. It made me feel both nostalgic and like I hated everyone in the movie. There’s a lot of the true pain of growing up, but also the privilege of choosing to suffer.

Movie Review: Coco

Movie Review #2: Coco


Ahhh, Mama Coco. An aging woman, losing her memories, thinking that her father had purposefully abandoned her as a child. This was technically a kid’s movie (and I did, in fact, see it with a child), but was such a deep portrayal of familial love. Creative, beautiful, fantastical in turn, it helped the viewer see their place in their own family tree and understand how connected we each are to the ancestors that came before us.