Dec 2022

I’m realizing I haven’t posted here in a while…since August which is almost half a year. Everything feels sort of fuzzy to me. Where have I been? What have I done? Who am I? I have 3 months left of work and then a new baby and 6 months of leave. With MG I was so nervous, but with this baby I feel more excited to have a cute little buddy in the house. I am really wanting to spend a month in Europe somewhere, not doing anything touristy but just being elsewhere for a while, but still working to convince R that is not a crazy idea. This year really went by in a blur. I’m thinking about getting a paper planner for 2023 that might include some reflection prompts.

For the end of this year, I am trying to both soak in some of my day-to-day moments of life and take it easy. Unlike most years, I don’t feel a desire to think about a whole new me. We do have a lot of home errand items on our list that we are moving through, but other than that, life has been pretty relaxing.