Completing the Stress Cycle

A few months ago, I tried reading Burnout by Emily Nagoski. I found it almost unreadable, mostly due to its narrative style. But the author, and her identical twin sister (!) recently released a podcast focused on feminist survival in 2020. It is SO GOOD. Really, so so good.

The first episodes were about completing the stress cycle. Basically, stress will happen regardless. But what’s important is “completing” the stress cycle so your body can relax. I retain basically no information but somehow I remembered so many ways to do this. They include:

  • physical activity
  • laugher
  • social connection (superficial or intimate)
  • crying
  • imagination
  • deep breathing
  • self-compassion
  • sleeping
  • creativity
  • physical connection

I just really liked this framework. Say you had a terrible client meeting and are stressed. When you come home, there are concrete things you can do to feel better! It also explains why I like foot rubs and long hugs so much.

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