Wrapping up an Old Year

It is the New Year, or a few days into it, but I feel some unresolved business with my old year. Over Christmas, we all got HFMD. It was rough. The baby was inconsolable and we didn’t know what was happening until her pox developed. A few days later, I got an insane fever and basically couldn’t leave my bed for two days. Somewhere in there was my birthday and New Year’s Eve.

It was almost funny how over the top the situation was. Think you can have your parents watch the baby for a day while you go off and do something fun for your birthday? Think again! And when we got back to NYC, we were all just exhausted and I felt very much like I had missed our vacation.

The old year brought us a lot of changes…namely MG. And I do think it is teaching me to roll with the punches, because what other choice do you really have?

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2020 for all of us!

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