Productive Home Tasks

I’ve been working from home a lot lately and have been very much enjoying it. I get to have a walking commute for daycare drop-off, go grocery shopping on my way home when the stores are empty, and look out onto trees while I work. I work all morning using my lightbox and get to stand up and walk around a lot.

I also love making a meal. Instead of taking 15 minutes to go to Sweetgreen and drop $15 on a salad, I’ve been making a giant mushroom, spinach, goat cheese omelet every day. I get to make my own delicious hazelnut iced coffee and drink it from a reusable cup with a stainless steel straw.

And instead of having 15-minute breaks between meetings when I only have time to refresh, I get to wash a set of dishes or go put laundry in the washer, or chop some veggies.

And the focused work! I get to turn my email off and…work. Perfect working environment, good mindset, productive super focus.

This contrasts now to days when I am in the office and it is run, run. run all day but often without any real work to show for it.

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