A Weekend in NYC – II

How funny. We are spending the weekend in NYC and I thought, I should write a blog to reflect on what would make a nice weekend. And that is 100% the topic of my last blog entry.

Friday — we have started a new tradition of having a post-bedtime Friday night date. We get takeout, set the table and light candles, and sometimes watch a show. We have been talking about watching the Americans and got someone to give us their Amazon pw so we could do so. So cozy evening in to be immediately preceded by bring MG by a local friend’s house for her game night.

Sat – I will go to the gym and deadlift 120 pounds. Slowly inching back towards normal weight. My front squat will be 75. The nice thing about lifting limited weight is that I’m in and out of the gym in 30 mins. Then I get to eat whatever I want the rest of the day. Hopefully, we’ll also take a walk and see some friends. Oh, and choose a nice recipe to cook for lunches this week.

Sunday – hopefully seeing some friends or maybe getting out of town?

Elements that would make for a good weekend:

  • – de cluttering
  • – cooking a new recipe
  • – watching the Americans
  • – completing my lifting workout and going to yoga
  • some time alone in a coffee shop

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