A Weekend in NYC

We have not been spending many weekends in NYC recently. Often with the grandparents, and coming and going from CT. This was my first week of full-time work since February and there’s about to be a big rainstorm. I feel like in the “old days”, we would have a weekend full of plans for working out, eating out, lounging, running errands, etc. But it’s strange now having a weekend with the baby, especially in city. We go for a lot of walks, but MG is still young enough that there’s not too much you can do with her, especially if the weather is bad.

I signed up for a personal retreat weekend. The sort of deal where you can do whatever you want in your room or on the grounds, but all your meals are prepared and you don’t have access to technology. But the idea of it makes me feel sort of lonely. What I really want is time with R…but then, I miss MG when it is just the two of us!

There’s an interesting tension in my time now, always wanting what I don’t have and often wanting to be where I’m not.

So what would make it a good weekend? I’ll say…

  • seeing friends
  • working out
  • having a hot shower
  • making a meal
  • playing with MG
  • reading
  • watching a TV show?!

Seems fairly doable.


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