Anticipation of a Long Weekend

It’s Friday morning. I’ve been up since six (20 minutes feeding a crying baby who fell right back asleep), three hours ago. Monday is off. It’s a long weekend! Though I am full-time “working in the home” right now, I am still ecstatic that it’s a long weekend. It’s a long weekend! My sister is coming to visit from Maine! R will be off work for THREE DAYS. On Monday we’ll have a picnic with friends! On Wednesday my parents get home from vacation and can visit MG! It’s a long weekend!

Here’s to hoping for a long weekend filled with this:

  • Brooklyn Blackout Cake (requested from a bakery in Maine)
  • Installing curtains, or at least learning how to install curtains
  • Grasping and side-rolling
  • Long walks (some of us in our new sunhats)
  • Friends and family
  • Sleep
  • Baby snuggles
  • Donating the enormous bags full of baby items

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