Groundhog’s Day

Not that much is on my mind right now. I feel like I’m just living an endless loop on groundhog’s day. Sleeping, eating, taking a shower, changing diapers, feeding, burping, waiting for MG to wake up, etc. There is a bit of rhythm to my days, in terms of more sleeping in the morning and more fussiness in the evenings, but it’s pretty variable. And there’s no sense of weekday versus weekend except when the NY Times comes or which adult people I am seeing. It’s sort of a weird way to live life, especially when I compare it to my weekday/weekend life that I’ve been living since basically forever.

I do feel like having pockets of time but no real schedule has made me very mindless. I use my phone a ton and am generally hopping from superficial activity to superficial activity instead of doing the things that I know I find more grounding like meditating, stretching, tidying, etc.

This weekend we’re headed back to our apartment so maybe I will use that for a shift moment. Plus, our stroller is coming so we’ll be able to take some walks!

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