Life with a baby

I debated what to call this post because life with a baby is now just…life. MG is 2.5 weeks old. My days now look like — feeding her, changing her, soothing her, napping with her (or reading, or waiting for her to wake up from a nap), etc. The learning curve has been/is steep, but I can now do a few things competently, like dressing her, picking up a newborn so their neck doesn’t fall off, changing a diaper, etc. I can also recognize the wail of hunger compared to her other cries. It has been very nice being off work and not having to immediately balance a new family life with any other responsibilities. And my parents have been immensely helpful too, taking a lot of night feedings (thanks electric breast pump!) and having food available that I can eat when ravenous.

My new ‘goals’ are very minor — basically find some time to do a few self-care things. I’ve been pretty good at journaling and going for walks, so trying to find a few minutes for meditation or stretching when I get a chance.,

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