Groundhog’s Day

Not that much is on my mind right now. I feel like I’m just living an endless loop on groundhog’s day. Sleeping, eating, taking a shower, changing diapers, feeding, burping, waiting for MG to wake up, etc. There is a bit of rhythm to my days, in terms of more sleeping in the morning and more fussiness in the evenings, but it’s pretty variable. And there’s no sense of weekday versus weekend except when the NY Times comes or which adult people I am seeing. It’s sort of a weird way to live life, especially when I compare it to my weekday/weekend life that I’ve been living since basically forever.

I do feel like having pockets of time but no real schedule has made me very mindless. I use my phone a ton and am generally hopping from superficial activity to superficial activity instead of doing the things that I know I find more grounding like meditating, stretching, tidying, etc.

This weekend we’re headed back to our apartment so maybe I will use that for a shift moment. Plus, our stroller is coming so we’ll be able to take some walks!

Life with a baby

I debated what to call this post because life with a baby is now just…life. MG is 2.5 weeks old. My days now look like — feeding her, changing her, soothing her, napping with her (or reading, or waiting for her to wake up from a nap), etc. The learning curve has been/is steep, but I can now do a few things competently, like dressing her, picking up a newborn so their neck doesn’t fall off, changing a diaper, etc. I can also recognize the wail of hunger compared to her other cries. It has been very nice being off work and not having to immediately balance a new family life with any other responsibilities. And my parents have been immensely helpful too, taking a lot of night feedings (thanks electric breast pump!) and having food available that I can eat when ravenous.

My new ‘goals’ are very minor — basically find some time to do a few self-care things. I’ve been pretty good at journaling and going for walks, so trying to find a few minutes for meditation or stretching when I get a chance.,