Pregnancy: Week 29

A totally tiring week. Life has felt overwhelming and exhausting. I think a lot of this was coming back from the Thanksgiving holiday into five full days of work, and a lot has been the intensity of work itself. I feel like it will be nonstop until leave starts. I would love to just hang out and nap this weekend but we have an all-day birth class on Saturday. I am dreading going to it because I think it will make me fear birth more than I do now. I am much more anxious about the third trimester than I am about birth itself. Birth I feel like I can (or will) get through no matter what, and I honestly don’t feel too wedded to any particular goal or process other than healthy mom, healthy baby.

I realized post-workout has recently been the only time I feel like my ‘regular’ self and not my tired, heavy pregnancy self. Which is interesting because I sort of have started to dread my workouts a lot, but the endorphin high I get makes me feel normal.

I’m also starting to get a little stressed that we have bought exactly nothing for the baby. That fits with how we do stuff, but it would be nice to make a list and just get it all over with. Maybe this is something I can outsource to a friend who likes shopping more than we do.

In good news, an affordable to us daycare that accepts little babies opened right by our subway stop. That would be super convenient because they have extended hours, no wait list (because they are brand new), are in our budget, and are right around the corner from our apartment.

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