Pregnancy: Week 28

I have officially reached the point of pregnancy where all eyes are on me at the gym. I find it very disruptive. After years of lifting with literally no interference, now I feel like I am on display. But that’s okay — I’m happy I can still lift and am cautiously optimistic I can lift until pregnancy. I also decided that in lieu of yoga twice a week, I’ll do prenatal yoga once a week and try to swim once or twice a week.

I was going through my old photos and so many of my pics are of me lifting or of my muscles. It made me really miss my old lifting goals but that’s okay. I’m happy with my body and what it can do now.

Otherwise, pregnancy has been fine. Neither good nor bad. We’re taking a birth class this weekend which I’m sort of nervous about (less for the class and more for what I’m going to learn). I’ve also decided firmly on no registry and no shower which I feel great about.

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