Pregnancy: Week 27

Here starts trimester the third. Pregnancy has definitely been getting harder and I am finding it harder to imagine just how much more pregnant one can get. I took my last business trip this weekend and it just really wore me down. Stuff like waiting in line at the airport can tire me out now pretty easily. One night, I went to bed at 8:30. And then, because I was traveling and worn down, I got sick! And now have an awful hacking cough and lack of voice.

I’m also officially done with regular yoga. My belly just doesn’t fit into all the poses anymore, and I have to adapt like half the class. Also, even the easiest open-level class with the gentlest teacher kicks my butt. I’m just feeling tired this week, like I wish I could sleep through the rest of this pregnancy.

Yesterday, we had a freak early snowstorm and I found myself walking so gingerly through the snow. My body is moving very differently now.

Otherwise, life is good. I feel thankful to have a job that lets me work from home, a nice partner, a lovely apartment, etc., etc.

This weekend, I’d love to catch up on sleep, eat soup, have hot showers, and maybe have some casual friend dates.

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