Pregnancy: Week 26

Hard to imagine this is the last week of the second trimester. I had my first official appointment with the midwives this week which went…okay. It was the week for my gestational diabetes test and I got really hangry in the office and found myself thinking, “maybe I should switch back to my OB” — hah.

I passed my test with flying colors which I was sort of surprised by. I attribute a lot of it to how easy it is to ‘exercise’ in a city, because you naturally have to walk around all day to get to your activities.

The midwife was not at all concerned about my super swollen feet which was reassuring. I was also told I have anemia but I already eat most of the food sources that are high in iron that I am willing to eat. I bought a vegan drink supplement that is supposed to help, so I’ll try taking that for a while. Hopefully, it will help my energy level and circulation.

I can feel the baby move every day, so it’s definitely starting to feel more real and like an independent being that I happen to be hosting.

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