Pregnancy: Week 25

Slightly delayed this week because I was at a conference. Work travel while pregnant is exhausting, though people are really, really nice to you. I’m definitely becoming more obviously pregnant because people will proactively offer me seats on the train as soon as they see me walking towards them. Symptoms this week continue to be swollen feet and ankles and shin splints. Other than that, I thankfully feel pretty good.

I have noticed some starter signs of seasonal anxiety, so I’m trying to be proactive about doing what I know works for me during this transitional time. This often includes:

  • Getting up earlier and going to bed earlier;
  • Making sure I use my lightbox for at least 30 minutes every morning;
  • Emphasizing healthy fish fats (salmon and sardines);
  • Working out consistently (morning workouts are best, though I have been pretty much exclusively working out after work for the last few months);
  • Writing in my journal and meditating;
  • Socializing.

A lot of these are just my standard best practices but I find the consistency and routine really help me in the winter, when decision-making is harder and I have less self-control.

I also started swimming a bit which is nice. Man, do I have to work to move my body through water! But it feels more natural than lots of other movements right now, including walking.

All I really want to do these days is enjoy R and our time together pre-baby. It feels like every week goes faster and faster and soon our relationship will be irrevocably changed. I know this will be great in lots of ways, but it’s still a transition I’m sort of mourning in advance. It’s been really nice to be pregnancy and know it’s with the right partner and will be a net positive in our relationship but it’s still a stressful change.

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