An Update on My Weekend Alone

Remember this? It ended up being shorter than planned because my sister came into town. This is what went down:

  • Friday night, I scheduled a foot massage with a friend. It was awesome. We ran into another friend while out and all got dinner together. Nice! When I got home, an event I had been looking to all week, I felt so lonely that no one was home to say hi to me and give me a hug :(. I ended up staying up too late and sleeping very fitfully.
  • Saturday, I woke up at…9:15 in the morning. I still can’t believe I slept that late, but I attribute it to a very quiet apartment. I met my workout buddy at the gym, we pumped iron, and then ate bagels. It was nice.
  • Post-gym and bagels I went home and…was lonely! No one was home to say hi to me or give me a hug 😦
  • I went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was nice and I ended up talking to a stranger for an hour, which was fun — and not something I felt like would have happened had I had my phone on me.
  • I watched an episode of TV, ate a slice of pumpkin pie, and did all my home errands (e.g. hang command hooks everywhere to mood-light the apartment).
  • My sister came into down, and we had dinner together.
  • Sunday, my sister left very early to visit my parents. I went to yoga class and met a friend for brunch. She came over after and…R came home! He said hi to me and gave me a hug.
  • That afternoon, another friend visited who I hadn’t seen in a while and moved out of NYC. She brought a huge bag of baby clothes, which was greatly appreciated.

This is what I learned:

  • I don’t like to live alone. Even though I had a lot of social plans (Friday dinner, Saturday brunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday brunch, and Sunday afternoon), I still had this feeling of overwhelming loneliness.
  • I am lucky that I have a lot of friends who live locally or in walking distance or who are willing to come visit me.
  • I need a lot of affection, including physical affection. I feel like this has maybe increased since becoming pregnant but maybe not.
  • It’s really, really nice to have a few hours in the middle of the day to myself without the phone on. Those times felt infinitely long in a delicious way — and were great! Until I got lonely. So this in moderation.

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