Plans for a Weekend Alone

This weekend, R is going out-of-town. From Friday at 5pm – Sunday at 2pm, I’ll get to do whatever I want. Here are things I’ve been thinking about:

  • Keeping my phone off from Friday evening-Sunday morning. Totally off, which would require looking up plans, directions, etc. in advance.
  • Buying some lux bath products and having a really nice bath.
  • Choosing a recipe and cooking a nice meal (thinking about something like mushroom risotto or mashed potatoes, mmmm).
  • Choosing some reflection prompts to write about in my journal.
  • Making a list of nourishing activities and choosing each activity from that list.
  • Taking a long walk.
  • Carving a pumpkin while watching a favorite Halloween movie!

Any favorite weekend alone activities that you have?


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