Pregnancy: Week 20

The halfway point. Honestly, pregnancy this week for me is totally intertwined with the trauma of the Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh hearings. What a fucking traumatic week. Like I literally cannot believe I could be birthing a daughter into this environment. I feel completely obsessed with everything about the hearings, completely in awe of Blasey Ford and the women who accosted Flake in the elevator, and completely disgusted with men, especially old, white, male senators. What a world we force people to live in.

Tuesday is our anatomy ultrasound at which, fingers crossed, we will not be accidentally told the sex of the baby. Hopefully, everything looks good and healthy. I always have some anxiety right before a test, but they’ve all been good so far and I’m progressing with totally normal symptoms. I do find it surreal that I can get 20 weeks more pregnant…can definitely see this getting a lot harder. I’m already walking slower than the google maps estimate, which shames me as a New Yorker.

Sending love and kindness to all the ladies in my life, and the men who are not chauvinist pigs.

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