Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

I feel like this was the first full week I looked pregnant. I was offered my first seat on the subway (definitely didn’t think that would happen for many more months) and just happily wore my new maternity leggings everywhere. They are insanely comfortable but definitely do make me look much more pregnant, probably because they don’t constrict at all. And in the last 2-3 days, I can’t suck my stomach in totally flat anymore. There is definitely something lingering there that I can’t physically move.

I still haven’t felt the baby move at all. My doctor said that it’s normal for people with first babies, weight in their midsection, and anterior placentas (all of which I have), so it might be a while. But it still feels sort of surreal. Like, there’s a real baby in there?

I read something recently that said pregnancy is a nice time to shift from doing to being, and that resonated with me. I feel really at peace with just going about my usual day and don’t feel a desire to seek any additional stimulation.

I did have some pelvic pain this week but it’s already getting better by doing a few strengthening exercises (like bridges), so that’s been fine.

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