A Sort of Blah Day

When I was younger, even just a few years ago, I loved summer. Like loooooved summer. I almost never felt too hot and just loved the feeling of sun soaking into my skin. In winter, I was moody and physically uncomfortable and lonely, and summer was the opposite.

Summer has gotten increasingly hard. I don’t know if it’s aging, or that summers are actually hotter, or living in NYC which becomes a heat hell all of its own and where, unless you are a bazillionaire, you most certainly do not have central AC.

It’s very hot today. It was very hot yesterday. It will be very hot tomorrow. Our office only has one bathroom so I have to wait in line for it giving me a constant UTI-like feeling, I don’t have a lot of meetings and am having difficulty focusing on work, I feel very plumpy but without a noticeable baby bump. My apartment elevator is shut down, my subway station is shut down, and the new subway station has you wait in direct sunlight which is not fun when it’s over 100 degrees every day.

I am just very cranky. Here is what I would like:

  • swimming in cool water a la a pool or a beach;
  • cooler weather;
  • time away from the internet and phones;
  • time away from other people except those select people who I want to be around;
  • time away from NYC;
  • raw oysters;

Thankfully, I’m going to Maine this weekend so can hit a lot of things on my list. Until then, I might start disconnecting more from the internet (especially during work hours) and being compassionate towards myself.

p.s. a new TV show idea — Lady Baba. A show about a woman who has a true connection with God and can perform small miracles, but no one believes she can be a true baba because she’s a lady.

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