Pregnancy: Week 14

I finally spilled the beans at work. It was a relief. I had somehow thought people would be upset, but everyone was super happy and it doesn’t seem like there will be an issue with taking all of my entitled leave. Which, because of a fluke this year in carry-over policy, seems like I can roll over a lot of this year’s vacation time into next. I started the year with 30 days (6 weeks) to which I was able to add 10 days (2 weeks) of unused 2017 time.

This year, I’m on track to use about 20 days which means I could carry 20 days (4 weeks into next year) plus will get an additional 30 days at the beginning of the year.

I get 20 weeks (100 days) of paid/semi-paid leave plus 10 weeks (50 days) of my PTO time. Which equals means I could roll into 6 months of leave and then have still have some time to use for emergencies, vacation, etc. Or I can overlap some semi-paid leave and PTO and make my leave shorter, but fully paid.

Then R gets four fully paid months so we could roll out to 10 months or so without needing to figure out childcare. Which also makes me feel better in terms of both of us will have a substantial amount of time to become primary parents and we won’t have to leave a tiny, helpless infant in childcare and get right back to work.

Physically, I feel fat but have been crushing it at the gym. I have been thinking about trying to watch my diet a little more than I have been just because I look very wide (but not via a pregnancy bump — like literally just insanely wide hips).

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