TV Show Ideas

As someone who hates most TV, here are some ideas I have for actually good shows.

  • Beyoncé and Jay-Z engage in home maintenance projects using only a book for reference
  • LeBron James plays against various people in basketball. Each episode progresses in difficulty. For example, first he plays against 4 4-year-olds, then works up to 40 4-year olds. Every season, there is a special robot-themed episode where he plays against robots. (In the scifi horror version of this show, when the robots get skilled enough to win the game, they sacrifice him on the court and in that instance, robots all over the world, rebel against their human overlords).
  • A person goes on a date with two people wearing a hidden earpiece. On the first date, they are advised in their actions by a panel of competent adults. In their second date, they are advised in their actions by a panel of children. Each date-ee then rates their experience of the date.

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