Pleasant Events

I have been thinking a lot recently about having fun. I sort of have this ongoing thought around, “Am I having enough fun?” I’m not exactly sure what I mean by this. Some combination of — Am I free-spirited enough? Am I spontaneous enough? Am I enjoying my life enough?

So I’ve started to compile a list of activities that I find fun, but that are also nourishing to me.

  • home projects — like reorganizing a space, finding a solution to a small problem, rearranging furniture
  • having friends over meals, or hosting them overnight — especially if you cook together
  • cooking when I’m alone in the house, with a glass of wine and a podcast
  • karaoke
  • people watching
  • Frisbee
  • lifting weights with lots of people (the other day, I got to lift in a group of four and it was great)

There are some activities that are a little less fun, but still nourishing like:

  • taking a long shower
  • changing my sheets
  • stretching/yin yoga
  • writing in my journal.

In three weeks, I get significantly less busy so I’m planning to make a few dates with myself or with friends to engage in some of these activities. A more proactive choice of where I want to spend time based on what will leave me better off afterwards.

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