My Daily Habit Tracker

We are already 1/12 done with 2018. January is often a psychologically hard month for me — the holidays are over, it’s cold, and it feels like winter will never end. This month, inspired by a friend, I started tracking a few daily habits.

I created a table that had five habits on it: meditation, stretching, partner, steps, and eating. For each of those, I had a daily goal. Complete a meditation and stretching session, spend intimate time with my partner, walk 10,000 steps, and don’t eat any sugar.

Normally, I great at upholding my own goals but can get overly harsh. So I made a soft agreement that it was okay to miss five or so days for each habit. There was an effort to consistency, but it didn’t dominate my life. I could take three days off eating for a long weekend and that was fine.

This has been going very well. I enjoy coloring in the relevant square for each habit every day and the visual impact of having a chart that is increasingly shaded is strong.

I split my chart into two monthly periods — the first to the fifteenth and then the sixteenth to the end of the month. This allows for a mental reset mid-month where I can reevaluate and recommit to my habits.

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